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The Panamanian American Academic Network (PANAM Network Foundation) was created in 2008. A group of Afro Panamanians and American professionals, residents in both Panama and the United States, proud of and sensitized by the duality of their Panamanian/American heritage, recognized the need for programs of economic and other support to needy segments of the student population in Panama, particularly in the City of Colon. The initiatives by PANAM Network Foundation recognize the risks confronted by Panamanian youth, given the proliferation of youth gangs, drugs, crime and violence, especially in the City of Colon.

Panamanians and Americans of good will have provided the necessary resources to launch the academic and other assistance programs designed by PANAM Network Foundation. While these resources have been instrumental for launching the various Program Initiatives of PANAM Network Foundation, this funding strategy is not sustainable in the long term. Corporate and /or government grants will be essential going forward. Currently, the programs of PANAM Network Foundation are geared primarily towards the elementary schools, the administrators and teachers at these schools, and parents that are all integral to the efforts; as well as the Parish of St Joseph’s Catholic Church in Colon.

PANAM Network’s Foundation’s strategy seeks to leverage students, teachers, administrators, parents, the church and Panamanians and Americans in a network to try and make a difference in the lives of some Panamanian school children currently at risk.

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