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Why We Help

Those who have lived or have visited the City of Colon, Republic of Panama are uniformly saddened by the deterioration of the City and the conditions that many live under.

Many of the Elementary School-age children, though motivated to learn, desperately lack the bare essentials such as school uniforms, shoes, books, supplies and other materials needed for a proper and healthy learning environment.

PANAM Network believes that with positive incentives and influences, Elementary School children in the City of Colon can be encouraged to pursue academic excellence while avoiding being captives of “street fame.”

PANAM Network is hopeful that once made aware of this situation, Panamanians, Americans, and concerned individuals will be motivated to lend a helping hand, to share their generosity, their expertise, their talents, their skills, and especially some of their valued time.

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  1. 10-10-2008

    Bueno quisiera enviar mis más cordiales saludos a los directivos de la fundación. Espero que prosigan con este proyecto. Ojala y puedan reclutar más niños como yo que sigan ese camino por donde yo estoy pasando ahora. Los felicito por su gran ayuda a la provincia de Colon. Con este gran agradecimiento me despido de ustedes y que aumenten el tiempo de los cursos.

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