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Who Do We Help

We continue to support a grant program for all ten elementary schools in the City of Colon with an aggregate total of some 60 students receiving economic grants annually.

The new initiatives implemented by PANAM Network were all designed to reach out to an ever-expanding network of students in the City of Colon to encourage educational excellence, values reinforcement and cultural appreciation. These initiatives include:

  • Expanding the network of schools eligible to be part of the Academic Economic Grant Program to include Colegio Abel Bravo as the first High School to be part of PANAM Network initiatives. Six students each received financial grants at Abel Bravo High School.
  • Providing six additional economic grants to school children of Escuela Republica del Uruguay as part of the 100thAnniversary of the School.
  • Providing financial recognition awards to 18 elementary school children who participated in and were winners of the second annual composition contest sponsored by PANAM Network. The students who won the composition contest were recognized and acknowledged at a celebration Mass at St Joseph’s Catholic Church on October XX. 2010 in the City of Colon.
  • Supporting the implementation of music appreciation initiatives in partnership with the Office of the Governor of the City of Colon and the Pastor of St Joseph’s Church. PANAM Network provided a total of 14 guitars for use in the music appreciation program.
  • Creating a composition, grammar and writing workshop for the student winners of the composition contest sponsored by PANAM Network. This initiative was the result of the recognition (as a by- product of the composition contest,) that students needed remedial assistance.

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  1. 12-7-2008

    Este curso me ha ensenado muchas cosas sobre el español. Esto hizo que yo mejorara en las cosas que me faltaban por aprender. Esto hizo que mi ortografía mejorara. Yo pude aprender sobre como hacer una redacción, un resumen y descripción. Yo hubiera querido que me enseñaran un poco de matemáticas también. – Por favor le pido al presidente de Panam Network el ano que viene otro curso, pero con otras materias. Para que yo entre otras personas sepamos más sobre otras materias. Yo también pido que les den unas oportunidades a otros niños como me lo dio a mí. Gracias por todo panamá Network

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