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Target Services


1. Academic Excellence
2. Panamanian and American Cultural Exposure
3. Mentoring of Sixth Grade Students
4. Anti- Drugs and Anti- Crime, Anti-Violence and Leadership Training
5. Life-Learning Skills
6. Technology Competence
7. Practical English and Mathematics Skills


FOCUS OF CURRENT EFFORTS: City of Colon, Republic of Panama

TARGET POPULATION: Children in the ten Elementary Schools and one high school in the City of Colon, Republic of Panama


1. Economic Grants to Students= $50,000 (Three Years)
2. Mentoring Program = (In Development)
3. Leadership Academy = (In Development)

PROGRAM TIMEFRAME: Each Calendar School Year

SOURCE OF FUNDING: Internet solicitations and contributions from Americans and Panamanians residing in Panama and the United States.

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  1. 8-4-2012

    “Yo en lo personal quisiera decirles que sigan o continúen desarrollando oportunidades como estos, porque son útiles y los niños pueden aprender o desarrollar mas su intelecto. Sigan así, prosigan haciendo actos como estos porque los niños colonenses lo necesitamos.”

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