Founded March 1, 2001

Celebrating its 16th Anniversary

Online magazine featuring news briefs and events in Panama. Arroba de Oro Recipient 2006.

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2017 Panama Calendar

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The full color 2017 Panama Calendar is celebrating 31 years of publication 1987 -2017.

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Panama Canal Transit

in 2017 all year 'round

Seventh Wonder of the Modern World, celebrated 100 years on August 15, 2014.

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The Panama Metro

The first metro system in Central America

Inaugurated on April 5, 2014 the Metro links Los Andes County with the city center.

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Polleras and Montunos

Cherished by all Panamanians

Ornate jewelry mark the dress as one of the most beautiful costumes in the world.

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The New Face of Panama

Panama is booming!

Economic growth of 9 percent in the past five years, the highest in Latin America

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Centennial Bridge

Inaugurated on 15 August 2004

Crosses the Culebra Cut (Gaillard Cut) close to the Pedro Miguel locks

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Casco Antiguo

Designated a World Heritage Site in 1997

Also known as Casco Viejo or San Felipe, is the historic district of Panama City

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Vasco Núñez de Balboa

Bronze statue overlooks Panama Bay

The statute is held by a sculpture of four nude men which represent the four human races.

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Banking District

The changes have been enormous

The Panamanian economy has expanded by nearly 50 percent since 2008!

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Bocas del Toro

Primitive and unforgettable

It is difficult to express in a few words what you can feel when you visit Bocas del Toro.

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Golden Frog

Something of a national symbol

The Panamanian golden frog is a rare species of toad which is endemic to Panama.

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Our editor

Carmela has been editing the Panama CyberNews for 16 years. She retired from the Panama Canal (U.S. Government) with 28 years federal service.

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Virginia Smith-Jordan

Subscriber feedback:

Virginia Smith-Jordan


Hi Carmela: I just want to thank you or all the work you have been doing with the CyberNews newsletter. It sure is a good way for those of us who are away from home (Panama) to keep up with what’s happening back there.

Melva Goodin

Subscriber feedback:

Melva Goodin


Exciting February 1 edition, Carmela. I love the new segment of persons seeking partners, but I am disappointed that there weren’t more men responding. I also had a good laugh at the pronunciation of the Spanish pronunciation of words. Keep up the excellent work.

Sara Spencer

Subscriber feedback:

Sara Spencer


Como siempre gracias por mantenernos al día con las acontecimientos de Panamá,,,,I am always looking forward to read the CyberNews con los paseos al interior del país como quisiera estar allá para sumarme al grupo de excursionistas.

Generoso S. Nicolás B.

Subscriber feedback:

Generoso S. Nicolás B.


Me agrada mucho estas publicaciones por el contenido de la información que ofrecen. Mantiene a uno vinculado con los acontecimientos más importantes a nivel familiar y social. Aprovecho para felicitarles por su gran labor silenciosa en beneficio de muchos.

Silvia Tom

Subscriber feedback:

Silvia Tom


La felicito por el tema que escogio para su nuevo calendario 2017, me allegro mucho que haya sido bien recibido por tu amplia clientela. La felicito por su trabajo tan completo, pues nos ayuda en conservar nuestras costumbres. Gracias por compartir.

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