The Perfect and The Good

Many years ago someone, said to me, I do not remember the person, but others have repeated the same advice: “Do not make the perfect be the enemy of the good”. At first I did not comprehend the implication of those wise words, but over the years the value of that advise became apparent to me and I have incorporated it into my frame of reference, a philosophical concept that I have incorporated in my life, as a guide.

As I understand the precept cited above, many persons, included my former self, tended to be a perfectionist, not that I was perfect but sought perfection in persons and things around me. Defects were not acceptable. But then, that attitude was incongruous with reality. There is no one perfect, there is no one who can do anything perfectly. Perfection is a divine quality, not a human quality. The most we can achieve and should realistically aspire to achieve is excellence, in whatever we do in our life as a whole. As practicing Christians it behooves us to aspire for excellence in all our undertakings. It is ok to strive for perfection because that will help us achieve excellence in all things, that we a capable of achieving. Where it is written:”We must be perfect as He is perfect…” Signifies we must strive for perfection even as He is perfect, we must also realize we are not Him, perfection is not a human quality, it is a divine quality, reserved for the divine, for God.

God, our Creator, does not expect perfection from us only excellence. In striving for perfection we will achieve excellence. There is an old saying that I do not remember it verbatim but the concept is to aim higher than your intended target. If you want to reach the highest mountain peak, target the moon; if you want to reach the moon target the sun. Mediocrity is not a Christian virtue, I would say it is rather an abomination to Christianity. I would recommend that we give better meaning to our existence by striving for perfection, realizing we would reach excellence in the attempt, which is our maximum possible achievement. While God have given us life, a full measure of health with a sound mind or intellect it is our duty to use them for His glory, to benefit his people, His kingdom. Strive on my brothers and sisters until the Father, our God, our Creator call you home, with a welcoming “Enter your rest you good and faithful child”.

Bro. Jorestemac
St. Thomas,VI.
April 15, 2012.


  1. Good website! I am loving it!! Will come again.

    Gita Arkenberg
  2. Welcome! Please come again and again, it is intended to impact the life of those who dare to read and meditate on the contents. It is our hope that you will be motivated to move to a higher level in your spiritual life. May God our Father continue to bless you as you continue to seek out His truth and abide by it.

    JJ. Estemac

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