Children of the King

We who are converted, who are redeemed of God becomes a child of God, as a child of God we are joint heirs with the other children of God. Our God is king of the universe, the emperor of this world, we are part of the royal family of God. The richest and most powerful king in the world is our God. As a member of the royal family we must behave as a member of the royal household and should not cause reproach on the kingdom by our behavior, by our lack of faith. It is God’s intentions to share His riches with His children, those of His royal household. As it is written: ” I have yet see the righteous person begging bread.” While on earth we are required to earn a living, “By the sweat of thy brow thou shall earn your bread…” Even though we may belong to the royal household, we must work to earn our way in this life, law of life.

Prosperity will come to those who earn it, those who labor in the field, harvesting for the King; regardless of what else we may do. Therefore, if we are children of the King, we are royalty and should behave like royalty, with dignity, being humble and loving God and our fellowmen. Others would take note of our behavior as children of the King, they will see the difference of being of the royal household and those who are not. We should indeed be prosperous spiritually and materially and not act as indigents when we are members of the royal household, whatever our endeavor we should be prosperous. If we are indeed members of the household of God, our King and follow His directions, we shall prosper. We should use the intelligence God has endowed us with to prosper in whatever we do.

We need to be ready to follow God’s directions in whatever we do. We should not be fearful, God does not give to His children fear but love, and if we have enough faith we should conquer fear and be victorious in most if not all our endeavors. We should expect and work for great things, big things in the name of our King, our Father. We should not be timid in seeking big things, great things for God’s cause, we are of the royal household of the greatest king there is, God Creator, our Father. God would not deny us any effort to do great things in His name and for His kingdom. So brethren, catch the vision, there are great things to be achieved for God’s kingdom, let us work to achieve great things for God, because the night draws nigh when we cannot work. Do not be lazy, a lazy person cannot enter the kingdom of God, we must be diligent in season and out of season.

Can you my dear brethren, children of the royal household of God, can you envision us constructing a mighty structure in which to worship our God and King? A beautiful temple to rival that of the Jews in Jerusalem or the moslems? Is it impossible? Is it desirable? Is it feasible? Do you want to accomplish it? Pray then brethren, what God do you serve? I serve a mighty God, the Creator of the universe who made all things beautiful. If we love God and serve a mighty God, Who made this beautiful world do we not owe God a beautiful edifice built to worship Him? A large enough edifice, a temple that can accommodate maybe five hundred persons, is that too much to offer God? Are we too busy with our own petty affairs, are we not serving God in a stingy manner? May you all children of God receive the revelation, the vision of a magnificent temple for all of God’s children, all the faithfuls. Noah is said to have built a large ark and he was ridiculed by his contemporaries, but he stood firm on his faith in God’s word and succeeded.

God loves us all and I love you all with the love that God have given me. Pray to see God’s vision for us, the truly faithful and we should proceed in fulfilling the vision as did other faithful personalities in history.

Bro. Jorestemac
Panama, Rep. Panama
December 29, 2012.

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